Sunday, January 26, 2014

An Introduction to Our 50 Weeks of Art Challenge

50 Weeks of Art, Week #1:
Technique Option #1~ Scribble Stitch

Hello All,
The first technique that I want to introduce is what I call, "Scribble Stitch" which is exactly what it sounds like.  It is simply scribbling with your sewing machine while in free motion mode. It's a much more relaxed way of stitching than regular free motion work. It can be done as an edge finish for raw edged applique. It can be done as thread painting through the top surface and a stabilizer or it can be done, as shown here, as quilting through all three layers.
I began by outlining the basic shape of the baby black bird.  I re-traced the lines three or four times.  Then I began adding the detail of the breast feathers and the feathers along his head and back.  Lastly, I added the shapes of the individual feathers in his wing.  Then I added the detail in the feathers. 
All of the stitching in the bird really distorted the background so I stitched the hell out of it with lots of zig zaggy stitches in matching thread.
As you can see in the close up photos, the stitches are all somewhat large, about 1/8" long and they are quite rough.
This technique is all about texture, all about line and all about freedom.  If you decide to give it a try, stitch as fast as you feel you can and don't strive for realism or photographic accuracy.  Rather, look for  results that represent a sketch, as though you have done a rough drawing of a simple thing with just enough detail.  I hope you'll give it a try.

Heather Thomas

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