Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Three of 12 - Eileen King

This abstract is a departure from the type of quilting I normally do.  I followed directions suggested by my painting teacher who said to draw 10-12 shapes and color them in any color with no regard to what I might think the final product may look like.  Then step back and let the picture tell me what to do next.  I drew and painted my shapes on a piece of "Stabilized Fabric," which is a paper-backed cotton fabric that worked really well.  When I stepped back to look at the colored shapes, a Picasso-like face jumped back at me!   I then painted between each shape and embellished each element with free-motion quilting, thread painting, and outlining in black thread.  I finished the piece by adding beads and wire embellishments.  Do you see the facial elements?  Eileen King

1 comment:

  1. Eileen,
    This piece is wonderful. What a great suggestion from your painting instructor. It shows what letting go can do!