Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rachael Goldman week 5

 I had a lot of fun this week. I like to weave fabric, but haven't done it in a long time; so it was nice to dust off that skill. This top one is Ahava, Love. I painted the fabric and wove the 2 pieces together. I stamped the hamsa directed onto the woven fabric, and then outlined it in gold paint and added some metal embellishments. It's not quite finished, but will be mounted onto wrapped stretcher bars.

This one was for some fun and levity. My daughter is a HUGE Doctor Who fan, so this will go into her room. I painted 2 pieces of fabric, wove them, and then splatter some silver on top. After it dryed, I used needle point plastic to add more texture with black and silver paint. I printed out the photo of the Tardis and mounted it on foam core to give it the depth of floating in space.

1 comment:

  1. The weaving is perfect as the phone box background. It feels like Dr. Who is just coming in for a landing. Keats Scott