Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week #8 Prompt & Piece by Heather Thomas

Week #8 Prompt; Holes
My apologies for being late with this, life can get in the way!
This week's prompt is rather simple, it is to use actual holes in your work.  These holes can be made to reveal layers as I did with my piece or they can be made so that they go through your entire piece.  All that this challenge asks is that you figure out a way to make holes in your work.
The piece above has many layers; the backing fabric, thin batting, a blue green cotton, a violet gauze, some red gauze strips, yellow cheesecloth, then the final layer of Mexican jute. Before I laid the jute on top, I poked holes in it with the end of my scissors then enlarged the holes by tearing into them with my fingers.  Then, I pulled threads in groups along both the warp and the weft to get the lighter colored rows or lines that you see.  This made different types of holes; squares where two pulled lines intersect and fine lines of holes both of which revealed the yellow cheesecloth below.
I stitched everything by hand (I've been envious of I.V.'s hand stitched work) with straight stitch, ricing and French knots and hand dyed embroidery floss.

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  1. Oh I love this one!! Especially the colors. Blue and orange is one of my favorite color combos :]