Sunday, February 9, 2014

Barbara McT - Week 2 - I'm Open to Anything!

The Week 2 Technique using metal was challenging!  Once I thought about it my mind went into overdrive!  The title of this work is "I'm Open to Anything!"  Basically meaning I am open to trying any and all new techniques!  Lessons learned - I knew nothing about metal so should have googled metal to learn about gauge size before going to the craft shop!  Metal is unforgiving - once you make a hole it is there forever!  It actually was fun and I will certainly use pieces in other works that I create.
The metal I used is a 36 gauge piece and I found it to be too think for embossing.  It went through the sewing machine flawlessly though.  I used metallic thread on the quilted portion of this work in keeping with the theme.

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