Saturday, February 1, 2014

Remember Me by Yvaine

This quilt is 11 x 14 in. on white muslin, quilted and color-penciled over.
I took pictures of a small wooden statue I got from Guatemala (artist unknown), selected one of the profiles and increased the size on my computer. Used the printout to vaguely trace contours of the face. Quilted the head with black thread and then had a blast coloring some of the components with my new set of inktense pencils that I just received yesterday (Friday) and trying different techniques of wetting the fabric and the colorings. Then quilted some more (wood post and background) and made binding with same muslin fabric. Everything was fine until I painted the binding. I wanted to try the technique of moistening the fabric first and then pencil over it, but the intensity on the left became too intense. I hoped that it would dry lighter, but it did not. After an initial disappointment, I now like it, because it still keeps the focus on the head, which is what I wanted.
Got the inspiration of using color pencils from a class I took with Robin a week ago as well as from a Russian quilter I met at a show, two or three years ago, who colors her whole cloth quilts after quilting. Thank you, Robin. I really like coloring this way.

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