Thursday, February 6, 2014

Moira Mallison - Back in the Swim

Commercial Fabrics; Raw Edge Applique; Bobbin Work.  11" x 14". 

I can dither for weeks before I start on a piece.  One of my intentions for this challenge is to move into execution more quickly.  I completed most of this piece in just a few hours.  Other intentions for this challenge is to include some elements of design studies.


  1. Moira, I'll talk about your composition since you mentioned elements of design. Your composition was very effective. By having your large fish look like it was swimming to the right and having only a tail showing on the right side - the image becomes much more dynamic -full of suggested movement.I also liked the way you used the pattern on the commercial fabric to full advantage. karen bennett

  2. Thanks, Karen! It's hard to see in this pic, but I used the quilting also to contribute to the movement across the piece.

  3. Nice work Moira, I appreciate the composition too. One of the challenges in working small is managing the available space. You've done it very well here.