Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rachael Goldman Week #1

This is my wall. I began to work on a similar piece 18 months ago when I came back from a month in Jerusalem with my family. But I could never complete it. I felt completely blocked, so instead of just a reminder of my beloved Jerusalem and the Western Wall, it became a symbol of my blockage. Now, by working on a smaller version, which is 9x9, I feel opened up a and a lot more free. I layered the base color of the wall with gelatin printing. Then I free motion stitched in the stone divisions. I added the gold, blue and black markings in with a piece of bubble wrap.

If I forget thee Jerusalem
Rachael Young Goldman
Denver, CO


  1. Very Cool Rachael!
    Great use of the scribble stitch and wonderful depiction of a weathered wall.

  2. This gives me a gentle sense of peacefulness. Perhaps from the use of color & round lines.

  3. I love walls and your piece is wonderful.. I think it is cool to make a hard stone wall in soft textiles. karen bennett