Saturday, February 1, 2014

Barbara McT's scribbling attempts

This is the first challenge I have ever participated in as a Fiber Artist!  This piece is simply an attempt at scribbling and I think the machine got the better of me!  I prefer to use a couching foot with the feet dogs up and just go for it.  I did lower the feed dogs and I did have a challenge to keep the stitching looking decent.  I used colored markers and raw edge fabric and black cotton thread on muslin.  The binding is a piece of ombre.  I will be submitting my works of art in a 6" square.  I recently saw an exhibit of art of 5" square boxes and that size intrigued me and resonated with me. 
Barbara McTarnaghan, Jacksonville, Florida


  1. I love, love this piece. It's simplicity is beguiling.

  2. I find it interesting that while the drawing goes off the viewing plane, the eye is not drawn off as well. There is enough action / interest in the picture to keep my attention. This balance is not easy to achieve. Well done