Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week #3 ~ Using Hand Stitches

       This week, the challenge is to use hand stitches on your work.  Here are some drawings of stitches that will hopefully help you along the way.

       The first drawing is of a backstitch.  This is a great stitch to use to outline something or just for adding simple lines.

       The second drawing is of the blanket stitch.  It is a great way to add a decorative edge to an appliqued shape or to finish the edge of a piece of work.

        The third drawing is of a French Knot.  I love French Knots, they raise the surface of the work and add such lovely dimensionality.

The fourth drawing is of a hand satin stitch.  This is a great way to add fill in an area and really accentuate the stitched design. 
 This fifth drawing in of seed stitching or ricing.  It is probably the best way to add texture in negative space that I've ever tried with hand stitching.
This sixth and last drawing is of the stem stitch.  It is a great way to achieve a heavy line that can add lots of emphasis as the outline of a shape or as a line alone.

So, try any of this stitches or some of your own favorite hand stitches in this weeks piece.  Have fun and enjoy the process.

Also, please remember to put your name in each of your post titles and sign your comments too.
Have a great week,

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