Saturday, February 1, 2014

Getting the picture posted on the blog is almost as intimidating as doing the first project, almost as time consuming as well. I Have done some testing and come up with a few suggestions.
From our I-Pad:
-- In i-pad mail create a new message 
-- Address my home email address & subject whatever
-- In message area "tap & hol" to get a pop-up
----- Select "insert photo" / may need to click the tiny right arrow to see this as screen is so tiny
-- Choose the photo you took with the I-Pad
-- Send the Email
Then Go To Computer
-- Goto mail & select the email you sent yourself
--Click on attachment and save the pix.
------- Suggest you create a dedicated folder such as "50's Challenge" and name the file by the date such as 2-1-14.jpg
Launch the Internet
--Goto Blog a& sign-in per Heathers instructions
--Select "View Web Version" at bottom of screen
--Select "New Post" in upper right corner
--In pop-up box select "insert image" / "tiny pix in frame"
-- in center of next pop-up box "Select a File" select "choose files".
------Don't select from upload menu on right because picture is already on your computer!
--Navagate to the Folder & saved file & select
--Click on pix after it shows up in pop-up box to activate "add selected" button
--Click it
--Complete the post by typing your info 
--Select Publish
Whew! You are done!

From I-Phone 
--Process is pretty much the same. Create an email, attach photo take with your phone, send it, save it, use it to post a blog.

I am sure we will get the hang of this quickly so that we can concentrate on our 50's!

This is my first 50. I did scribble stitch by hand randomly in the background.


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  1. Miss I.V., watching you work on your art is a joy. Seeing this piece come together first hand reminds me how much I have to learn about collage. You do it like you were born doing it.