Sunday, February 2, 2014

Debbie Helser Week 1

This piece is 8 x 10. I want to achieve more control over dye color this year. I don't like the violet, orange and green triad so I started there. I painted a piece of canvas with thickened dye then over-dyed it with a tint of violet. I tried to dye another piece of canvas a deep shade of violet. All of the colors came out well in the dye-painted portion but the dark piece ended up much lighter and red violet. I can't figure out what went wrong. I cut up and pieced the canvas together and ended up with a poorly designed and executed piece. I went back in and put in a few hand embroidered stitches with no improvement. Then I did a bit of scribble stitching. That brought it to not awful. I did love the violet/orange/green dye painted part though and wished I had left that as a whole cloth.  

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